You are no longer a virgin!? then let me practice! - Hikari Aozora-

name:Hikari Aozora
hight:5′ 0.2362″
3size:B85 W58 H83

陽ギャルだけど性知識ゼロでエロにウブな幼馴染(ほぼ処女)と、セックスの練習をすることになっちゃった僕。 青空ひかり

I'm lucky these days.

I have a girlfriend.

that is not her.

she is my childhood friend.

One day, when I was reading a manga at home, she suddenly visited me.

And she told me to practice sex


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「Ahhhh! Hmmm!!」

I got carried away and asked her to give me a blowjob

i took her virginity

「Ahhhh! Ahhhh!!」

「Oh! yah」

「Ahhhh coming!!」

Even at school she was pressed

「Ahhhhh coming!」

i cum inside her again

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