The best girl in school teaches you how to tame the teacher. Umi Yatsugake

name:Umi Yatsugake
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My ejaculation is managed by the cutest student at school.

「good morning!」

「good morning!」

I'm a teacher at a high school in Tokyo.

「hi! teacher!」

A girl approaches me with a smile.

she is Umi.
She is said to be the prettiest student in school.

But we had already crossed that line between teacher and student.

After school we sneaked into the hotel.

「Hmmm! so big」

Umi stares at me and licks my glans.


「Oh yah!」

her breath hits my face.


She straddles me and grabs my erect pussy.


I know I'm going inside her.

「Fell good」

I hugged her as she stared at me with blank eyes, overlap the lips

「Hmmmm! Ahhhh!」
「I’m coming」

I put sperm on my boobs

I slept.

Meanwhile she put a chastity belt on me.

From that day on, I was put under the control of her ejaculation.

「I haven't ejaculated in a week! Hurry up!」

I was begging her at the warehouse of the gymnasium where the basketball club practices.

she politely gave me a blowjob

another day i called her

As if forgetting that this was a school, the two of them had sex naked.

「Much harder!」
「Hmmmm! good!」
「I’m coming Ahhhhh!」

That day, I was so tired that I fell asleep at my desk.

「Come on teacher!」

When I woke up, there was a figure of her giving a blowjob

I hugged her and kissed her.
And I licked the erogenous zone of the sea in order.

「Anh! Anh!」

As it was, I entered her and pursued her wholeheartedly.

「Ahhh! Hmmm!」
「I'm coming!」

「Get out a lot of sperm!」

I ejaculated in her face.

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