"I'll do anything!" "OK! special class for you!」All the teachers have educated me. Yuu Ayana

Yuu Ayana
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Giving Forever Bitch Training

My name is Yuu Ayana

I go to a famous high school in Tokyo.

Recently, I learned to play clubbing,

and if I skipped my studies, my grades would plummet.

My teacher told me that I would not be able to graduate at this rate.

so, my teacher will give a special class!

I immediately started studying English with my teacher.

While I was studying, my teacher suddenly rubbed my chest.

「please stop! teacher!」

but he didn't stop

Another man was standing nearby.

Two men ripped off my skirt and handcuffed me.

The teachers cut my underwear with scissors.

「Ahhh! hmm!」

The teachers stimulated my erogenous zones with vibrators

「Ahhhh!! coming! I'm coming!」

I was made cum many times with various toys.

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Before I knew it, I was wearing gym clothes.

And then there was the principal.

「hmmmm! hmmmm!」

The principal's dick came into my mouth.


The teacher's dick came into my vagina.

I cum again.

「Ahh! Ahh!! Ahhh!!! coming coming again!!」


「Ahhhh Ahhhh coming coming!!」

The teacher made a vaginal cum shot.

「From now until your graduation, I will give you a special class every day!」


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